Day: February 10, 2015

Professional Liability Insurance – A Necessity For Professionals


Professionals who provide their expert services to clients and customers are always at risk of being sued by unsatisfied clients, the likes many of which do not really get satisfied no matter what you do for them.  These are the clients you would like to avoid dealing with at all cost, but since you can never really determine which of them is which, then what the professional has to do is simply provide the best service he or she can provide; and that those who sue you have their own rights, even though their cause may not be exactly considered as appropriate under ethical standards.

VerkehrsunfallProfessionals who can benefit having professional liability insurance are not limited to just medical professionals and those in the healthcare business.  Contractors, engineers, architects, real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, employment agents,  land surveyor, and many other professional professions all benefit in having professional liability insurance because if they have this insurance, even if they get sued for malpractice, professional mistake, or human error with their client-oriented services, they will have the backing of an insurance company that will shoulder all the necessary costs and expenses brought about by the litigation proceedings.

If you practice as a professional that provides expert advice or consultation, you provide professional trade services, or your profession requires you and allows you to handle sensitive information of your client, any mistake, calculation error, taxation and accounting error, or infringement made by you gives your client the right to sue you.  Of course, given that the client has the right to sue your for such, it is also your right to defend yourself in court to prove that there were no negligence, mistakes, or errors on your part that would warrant you a lawsuit.

The protection you can get for having professional liability insurance is invaluable as lawsuits made unto you under your professional services will require a lot of expenditures.  If you do not have the assistance of an insurance company on your expenses, the overall cost can be ridiculously high that some professionals who failed or ignored to buy professional liability insurance even ended up getting bankrupt due to the many expenses they have to shoulder along with the court-decided settlement they are required to pay the affiant, should they inexplicably lose the lawsuit case.  This is the very reason why it is important for professionals to protect themselves with professional liability insurance.